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NewBookmarkLockedFalling LB1's TSF Newsletter Giveaway No.7.
Londonbus1 10 206 by Beryllium Guy
Jan 19, 2018 17:02:08 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling 1st Annual Uncle Bill's Giveaway
Beryllium Guy 15 319 by jkjblue
Jan 18, 2018 16:43:05 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling Prexie precancel GIVEAWAY Sc#819 ends midnight Dec.31st
jl 10 152 by tomiseksj
Jan 10, 2018 22:35:11 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling Happy Holidays Giveaway!
tomiseksj 19 297 by Beryllium Guy
Jan 1, 2018 20:04:46 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling LB1's TSF Newsletter Giveaway No.6.
Londonbus1 11 191 by dgdecker
Dec 25, 2017 1:16:30 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling Something different!
bobby1948 20 414 by Poodle_Mum
Dec 15, 2017 4:48:11 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling A Firstfrog2013 Misses TSF Giveaway!
tomiseksj 20 319 by bobby1948
Dec 1, 2017 12:01:07 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling Big Blue Volume 1 Giveaway - 500+ different
bobby1948 22 362 by Beryllium Guy
Nov 20, 2017 20:51:23 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling SCBs two-part give-away to world-collectors
scb 8 181 by iswscwebmaster
Nov 9, 2017 0:02:08 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling Prexie precancel GIVEAWAY Sc.#818 ends midnight Oct.26th
jl 5 144 by Ryan
Oct 28, 2017 6:26:30 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling Leaf Peeper Giveaway - part 2
bobby1948 13 197 by tomiseksj
Oct 24, 2017 14:21:25 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling Festive Giveaway from India - three giveaways
theamateurphilatelist 16 274 by iswscwebmaster
Oct 21, 2017 0:37:57 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling Leaf Peeper Giveaway part 1
bobby1948 11 258 by scb
Oct 9, 2017 14:58:55 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling Thanks for Your Participation Giveaway -- Ending October 7th
tomiseksj 10 204 by Beryllium Guy
Oct 8, 2017 16:56:47 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling Prexie precancel GIVEAWAY.Sc.#817.Ends at midnight Sept.25th
jl 13 233 by Poodle_Mum
Sept 26, 2017 19:34:14 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling Celebrate Fall with these great stamps - Ends 9/23/2017
bobby1948 17 329 by Anping
Sept 24, 2017 22:14:00 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling And yet another giveaway
bobby1948 14 278 by theamateurphilatelist
Sept 23, 2017 5:03:47 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling "From Russia With Love" Giveaway
Beryllium Guy 13 271 by scb
Sept 21, 2017 14:35:19 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling The “Leavings” Giveaway
bobby1948 13 302 by Londonbus1
Sept 19, 2017 23:35:53 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling Netherlands Giveaway - ends 09/14/2017
bobby1948 8 191 by jl
Sept 16, 2017 20:03:08 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling United Nations Giveaway - ends Wednesday, August 23!
bobby1948 8 193 by theamateurphilatelist
Sept 12, 2017 14:21:49 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling Greenland Give-away
Poodle_Mum 17 308 by tomiseksj
Sept 10, 2017 14:08:39 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling Prexie Precancel GIVEAWAY SC.#815 Ends Aug. 20th at midnight
jl 11 239 by Ryan
Sept 8, 2017 10:59:24 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling Portugal GIveaway
smauggie 9 168 by Beryllium Guy
Aug 28, 2017 23:12:12 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling LB1's TSF Newsletter Giveaway No.5...Don't miss !
Londonbus1 15 331 by randyharper
Aug 22, 2017 20:42:01 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling "Fresh Fish" Travelogue Giveaway
Beryllium Guy 15 319 by randyharper
Aug 22, 2017 20:40:41 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling Switzerland Giveaway - ends Thursday, 08/17
bobby1948 10 159 by randyharper
Aug 22, 2017 20:37:23 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling This giveaway is a smorgasbord of philatelic delights!
bobby1948 16 345 by Mick
Aug 19, 2017 0:48:43 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling Prexie precancel GIVEAWAY Sc.#814 ends at midnight July 31st
jl 10 191 by Poodle_Mum
Aug 17, 2017 2:10:38 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling 1986 Royal Wedding Souvenir Sheets Give-Away
Poodle_Mum 21 378 by Poodle_Mum
Aug 13, 2017 19:44:42 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling Free US Revenues
smauggie 14 274 by jamesw
Aug 13, 2017 18:32:56 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling TSF's 4th Birthday Giveaway
tomiseksj 8 259 by alanl
Aug 2, 2017 22:37:37 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling Prexie precancel GIVEAWAY Sc#813 ends July 10th midnight
jl 9 217 by Poodle_Mum
Jul 21, 2017 22:00:08 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling United States Independence Day Giveaway
bobby1948 23 394 by Londonbus1
Jul 18, 2017 20:53:51 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling Recent India used stamps Giveaway
theamateurphilatelist 20 354 by jaysee
Jul 11, 2017 12:50:07 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling The "I cannot figure out what to call it" Giveaway
bobby1948 10 269 by alanl
Jul 2, 2017 22:52:19 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling Another just for fun give away
firstfrog2013 17 367 by Poodle_Mum
Jun 27, 2017 0:04:35 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling Giveaway: Canada First Day Cover; Registered Usage
tomiseksj 34 561 by madbaker
Jun 19, 2017 3:42:02 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling LB1's TSF Newsletter Giveaway No.4......plus a little quiz !
Londonbus1 17 267 by Londonbus1
Jun 12, 2017 20:51:31 GMT
NewBookmarkLockedFalling Love me tender - Thank you giveaway
jamesw 12 256 by Mick
Jun 10, 2017 21:40:26 GMT


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smauggie: In the Boy Scouts we sometimes got served meals by the US Army. I fell in love with creamed chipped beef. Then again I have had it less than a dozen times. Jan 10, 2018 0:18:21 GMT
Jerry B: smauggie: Actually that wan't too bad. They served it in prep school and in the military, where it was called SOS (mixed company name). Much better than Spam. Jan 10, 2018 8:13:53 GMT
mikeclevenger: I spent 7 1/2 years in the US Marine Corps, and SOS was one of my favorites always, right behind midnite omelettes! When I went to boot camp in 1981, we still had the old "C" rats. I have never even had an MRE yet. C-rats were pretty good actually. Jan 10, 2018 10:10:06 GMT
firstfrog2013: MRE's are a new hikers staple.I also use summer sausage and those famous dried dollar store soups.An old tea kettle is now a basic of my gear. Jan 10, 2018 14:52:46 GMT
tomiseksj: My January 2018 American Philatelist arrived today; unfortunately, it was brutalized on its way to me. Numerous tears and creases. On a positive note, at least all of the pages are present. Jan 10, 2018 22:44:31 GMT
Jerry B: Mike: In basic training "bivouac" they gave us "C" Rats that must have been from WWI. When camping I used to get Freeze Dried stuff from Morsan's Tent Store in New Jersey. Some of those things were pretty tasty. Jan 11, 2018 8:43:31 GMT
mikeclevenger: Yeah Jerry, in 1981, some of our C rats were from the early 60's but most were from the late 60's, but they were still good. We had some guys that were terrified to eat them, me - I was just hungry! Jan 11, 2018 10:02:11 GMT
Beryllium Guy: Interesting, Mike (). I served on active duty in the USMC from 1981 until late 1985. I also remember the C-rats, officially MCI = Meal, Combat, Individual and later the transition to the MRE = Meal, Ready to Eat. Jan 11, 2018 11:58:25 GMT
falschung: "2018 American Philatelist arrived today" - nice $10m Zeutschel OS16000 book scanner they bought (page 56). The $20m deluxe HQ model is on my next xmas wish list. Pls take note. Jan 11, 2018 12:31:58 GMT
mikeclevenger: Beryllium Guy, I never had a single MRE the entire 7 1/2 years I was in. I was in the airwing at Cherry Point though, so I ate dinner at home every night. LOL. Jan 12, 2018 10:10:26 GMT *
Beryllium Guy: Well, Frog (), after reading one of your posts about making a pot of beef stew on a cold day, I decided to follow suit and put on a pot myself today in the slow-cooker. I also really like the great aroma in the house all day while it cooks! Jan 16, 2018 18:29:51 GMT
firstfrog2013: if you would like I can post Dad's recipe for his stew.I haven't figured out how to decrease the size so we always freeze at least half. Jan 16, 2018 23:22:19 GMT
Jerry B: Beef stew is good for a cold day, but Venison or Moose stew is just as good :D Jan 17, 2018 10:21:02 GMT
Beryllium Guy: Frog (), it would be great if you would post your Dad's stew recipe. I tried a new recipe yesterday and it was good, but I am looking to improve it, I think, so I would welcome another chance. Thanks, Frog! Jan 17, 2018 14:52:03 GMT
Jerry B: I wasn't joking. I have had Venison stew and it was really good. My friend who lives in Northern Maine said Moose stew is also good. Jan 17, 2018 23:37:45 GMT *
Beryllium Guy: Thanks, Jerry (), I figured you weren't joking, but I don't have good access to venison meat. I enjoy game meats very much, including venison, bison, elk, goat, ostrich, and all sorts of stuff. When I lived in Ohio, venison was readily available. Jan 18, 2018 4:35:31 GMT
firstfrog2013: While I'm on the conservation side,we feed the deer herd all winter.My friends do supply me with venison which I have learned to cook to with excellence.The secret is marinade. Jan 18, 2018 12:41:04 GMT
KirkS: I had a nice venison backstrap for dinner last night. Well, part of one -- not the whole thing. Delicious! Jan 18, 2018 17:25:07 GMT
Jerry B: Here in Marietta Georgia where I live there was a restaurant (not sure if it still exists) that served all types of game meat. Jan 19, 2018 10:06:16 GMT
mikeclevenger: Yeah, I live near Savannah, Ga and all my friends hunt deer, so I get venison every year. I love venison sausage best though. Jan 19, 2018 10:17:56 GMT