Twinings Rare Stamps card


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Ryan: Yes, I keep stamps in the basement, but the water heater is over a properly graded drain, all the water went straight to the drain and nothing was damaged. I don't keep any stamps on the floor in the room anyway, would take a massive flood to affect me. Jan 24, 2015 6:09:20 GMT
rod222: Good news Ryan, sound scary though, stamps trapped in the basement. Jan 24, 2015 13:37:46 GMT
Ryan: We had huge floods a couple of years ago, most expensive natural disaster in Canadian history, and my basement didn't get a drop of water in it - I'm on a patch of higher ground, and it's so dry here humidity-wise that I'm not worried. Yay me! ha ha Jan 24, 2015 15:16:15 GMT
Ryan: Jan 24, 2015 15:16:30 GMT
Admin: That sure was a hum-dinger of a flood, You must be in the rich end of town Ryan ;). I lived in Calgary for 6 years goodtimes. Jan 24, 2015 23:49:09 GMT
Admin: Banner link to auction will be returning tomorrow, doing a little tidy up :) Jan 25, 2015 23:30:30 GMT
firstfrog2013: as you probably heard a blizzard is expected tomorrow night into Tuesday evening I'll be camped out in my loader at the mall til I get it cleaned up.Makes little sense to me as no one could possibly want to shop but as ILS says the Benny's are calling. Jan 26, 2015 1:00:08 GMT
Admin: We are having some strange weather, tomorrow its 2 degrees above freezing, unheard of for Manitoba in January, I might take a shower after I chip away the ice from the driveway :) Jan 26, 2015 17:40:16 GMT
BC: We had minor flooding on Friday-Saturday in the Vancouver area, but Sunday and today it is very warm - 15.5c (60f) in the shade in our back yard. Jan 26, 2015 23:26:23 GMT
firstfrog2013: Quick run home but gotta go back soon.Drifting snow is the worst no matter where you put it, well it comes back somewhere. Jan 27, 2015 12:58:00 GMT
firstfrog2013: I'm home now and tired for sure.I'll post some in the morning. Jan 28, 2015 5:13:41 GMT
Admin: Drifting snow is not as bad as the neighbour that is a novice with his new snowblower >:D. Jan 28, 2015 5:44:56 GMT
canadianphilatelist: I should invest in a snowblower ;) Jan 28, 2015 8:57:14 GMT
firstfrog2013: Depending on the type of snow and outside temp.A good leaf blower will move snow pretty well it ain't fast but for us old guys with terrible backs good alternative to the shovel. Jan 28, 2015 18:40:53 GMT
Admin: I see many people buying snow blowers that are made for warmer temps, them plastic blades don't work well in -40, you need heavy duty. Jan 28, 2015 20:29:16 GMT
Admin: What ever happen to the neighbour hood kids knocking on the door after a snowstorm, asking if you want your driveway shoveled. I gladly give a kid $20 to shovel my driveway. They do it in less then a hour and have some stamp money, oh wait video game mone Jan 28, 2015 20:32:05 GMT
Admin: Anyone that takes part in the upcoming auction will have their name entered to win a $20 PayPal Gift Card :) :) :) Jan 28, 2015 22:11:42 GMT
firstfrog2013: Just to let everyone know I'll keep adding stamps to the box til it sells, I haven't replaced it yet so it's still in use. Jan 29, 2015 4:27:18 GMT
firstfrog2013: Where's Waldo I mean ZuZu?? Someone find her we need her back. Jan 29, 2015 14:49:08 GMT
firstfrog2013: Just noticed Classical stamp's birthday is the day of the auction.Hope he puts down the punch and can join us. Jan 29, 2015 14:54:02 GMT