Twinings Rare Stamps card


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tomiseksj: I've been trying to clean the garage (haven't been able to get the cars in it for a few years) so my time here has been/will be limited for awhile. I'm glad to see that the posting volume appears to be picking up! Mar 25, 2015 13:36:02 GMT
TinMan: Help How can I find ouut what my Password is? Mar 25, 2015 17:21:59 GMT
Philatarium: Once you figure out how to do that, Steve, please let me know, as I have a garage and a storage area that don't seem to want to clean themselves out. :D Mar 25, 2015 17:22:26 GMT
TinMan: Steve anyone....? Chuck (aka TinMan) Mar 25, 2015 17:22:36 GMT *
Philatarium: Chuck, if you get to the log-in page for the site, isn't there an option to click a link that says something like "forgot password"? Mar 25, 2015 17:23:31 GMT
Philatarium: I just looked. It is right below the box where you would put in your password. Click on that. Mar 25, 2015 17:25:37 GMT
TinMan: No only Welcome and Logout. I am trying to logon to the Forum from my Desktop. I am here on my Laptop now. I don't want to change my Password. Just logon from my Desktop and I forgot my Password. Mar 25, 2015 17:27:26 GMT
TinMan: Philatarium:My password isn't in my Profile either. Mar 25, 2015 17:30:17 GMT
TinMan: If I change it on my Desktop. Which is usually what happens. It makes you choose a new Password.I don't know if it will kick me off my Laptop too. Mar 25, 2015 17:34:11 GMT
TinMan: Also I have a new MAC Desktop I am going to be putting in my Fifth Wheel and I need my Password so I can logon using it when we go to the Lake. That will make three Computers. Mar 25, 2015 17:36:31 GMT
TinMan: Ok I am going to go in our Family room and try it. Mar 25, 2015 17:37:50 GMT
TinMan: Philatarium: Thanks Mar 25, 2015 17:38:04 GMT
Philatarium: I wish I knew knew more to help you, Chuck. Perhaps you could contact Jack directly, since you're on the site on the computer you're using to access this. Mar 25, 2015 18:13:43 GMT
Admin: Just go to login and below the box for your password it will have a link if you have forgotten your password Mar 25, 2015 18:34:22 GMT
Admin: it will ask for your email address fill it out and send. You will have a email with a link to reset your password. Make sure you use the email that you use for this site. I will send you a email message just encase you have a number of email accounts. Mar 25, 2015 18:36:44 GMT
Philatarium: Thanks for looking in on this, Jack. Mar 25, 2015 18:54:36 GMT
firstfrog2013: well it's that time of year and all the equipment needs servicing.I'm fine with everything til it comes to pulling the belly pan on the bulldozer.That thing just weighs a ton and trust me ya can't jack the machine up.I'm getting old. Mar 25, 2015 21:55:54 GMT
Admin: This is how to change it frog Mar 26, 2015 3:51:19 GMT
firstfrog2013: Not the suggested way.The batteries would have to be removed, 2 at 75 plus pounds.and huge risk of throwing track.we operate a D8 high track same machine but next size up.Not sold anymore.The track loader shown pulling it over is almost identical to ours. Mar 27, 2015 2:36:21 GMT
firstfrog2013: ...nothing on these machines is light or easy.You can imagine the junk that falls on you when you pull that pan.Even the side panels for engine compartment are heavy and PIA to handle.Just cleaning dirt out of bogeys takes some effort. Mar 27, 2015 2:41:24 GMT