Twinings Rare Stamps card


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firstfrog2013: So today is another benefit 8-ball tourney on behalf of a local player side lined by gangrene.This is a busy little place with a lot of fun connected.Relaxation before tomorrow's ordeal. Aug 9, 2014 16:58:34 GMT
firstfrog2013: Rod this must be quite the crossroads was a man here that won tour de france and competed in olympics.I wasn't rude enough to bother him as he was with a lady and seemed to want to be alone.Others had pictures taken with him.I'll ask if they got his name. Aug 10, 2014 2:02:22 GMT
rod222: Wow! fabulous Froggie. I am pleased you avoided bothering him, I recall John Lennon walking through Central Park, he commented the best fans, were the ones who shook his hand, and just moved on. Kudos to you. Aug 10, 2014 8:45:53 GMT
firstfrog2013: Had a great day and as expected round bout hundred guests.Was all good til balloon release which got a bit tearful Never saw it before someone purchased naming rights to new star and was duplicated so two stars are now named ruby. Aug 11, 2014 2:46:13 GMT
firstfrog2013: Rod mystery solved I'm told was a world class bike race up on Windham Mountain over the weekend and the world class were here. Aug 11, 2014 23:03:42 GMT
rod222: Right Froggie.....see a hil, then climb it (or try to) :) Aug 12, 2014 9:35:29 GMT
tomiseksj: Yesterday morning I couldn't access TSF and this morning I can't get to else having issues? Aug 12, 2014 11:17:51 GMT
khj: ProBoards was having problems Monday morning. It affected other Forums being hosted by ProBoards. I haven't had any problems with any of the Forums since Monday afternoon, so I assumed they've solved the problem. I just tried eBay, haven't run problems. Aug 12, 2014 16:35:24 GMT
tomiseksj: I spent about an hour on Monday morning trying (periodically) to log in to TSF and haven't had a problem since. Whatever the problem with ebay this morning was it appears to have been resolved. Aug 12, 2014 18:05:13 GMT
rod222: Yes, I had a while there whilst I couldn't log in, gave me time to get back to my stamps :) Aug 13, 2014 7:10:17 GMT
Jerry B: Hi: How do I put a picture, JPG, in a post?? I have done it but forgot how. Thanks ! Jerry B Aug 13, 2014 19:27:29 GMT
Philatarium: Jerry: Go to the full "reply" window -- not the "quick reply" one -- click the little picture icon (2nd row, 6th in from the right). When a separate little window pops up, paste in the url of the image in the first window, then click "Insert Image". Aug 13, 2014 22:31:19 GMT
Philatarium: If it doesn't work, make sure you have "http://" at the beginning, once and only once. Hope that works for you! Aug 13, 2014 22:32:13 GMT
Admin: Jerry this might help you Aug 14, 2014 3:27:56 GMT
Admin: The cost to host the images on Proboards was getting way too expensive. If you open up a account with photobucket or another image host you can then use it to post images in your posts. Aug 14, 2014 3:29:39 GMT
Jerry B: Thanks. I'll try it. Jerry B Aug 14, 2014 7:41:22 GMT
Andy Pastuszak: I'm a big fan of But if you use the service, you won't be able to use the same images on SCF, since they banned the site. Aug 16, 2014 18:08:06 GMT
firstfrog2013: Dog had steak tonight his appointment is for 5 p.m. tomorrow.We brought the excavator home and will have his home ready next to his life long partner Shasa who we had to put down 18 months ago.It is sad but necessary his comfort of life is gone Aug 18, 2014 23:57:17 GMT
Philatarium: So sorry about this, Frog. You and your family have had much more than your share of loss recently. Peace be with you. Aug 19, 2014 1:18:12 GMT
firstfrog2013: Thanks as an animal lover I know when it's time to part, very unfair to let an animal suffer just to keep them around for our own comfort.He rests now next to the rottie who shared fifteen years together with him. Aug 20, 2014 0:36:17 GMT