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firstfrog2013: Jack I had similar experience with Shasa the roti She had an early appetite for anything electronic.She once chewed my cell phone and locked it.I had no idea how to unlock it,at the store they laughed at my chewed up phone but unlocked it for me. Feb 7, 2016 3:36:08 GMT
firstfrog2013: Her favorite was game boys and t.v. remotes can't even tell you how many I had to replace.I once came home to find she had raided the pantry for a stash of diced tomatoes she literally ate about six cans and shredded numerous others. A real goat. Feb 7, 2016 3:39:28 GMT
lisag: My two dogs love hot sauce. We put some on our French doors because my little boy thinks it's fun to lick them. They came running and licked all the hot sauce off, wagging their tails the whole time. It was insane!! Feb 7, 2016 5:12:18 GMT
rod222: I am experiencing TSF overload, I try and go back from "recent posts" and it goes back, not to the previous page, but to January ? Feb 7, 2016 5:47:20 GMT
Ryan: I use the "Recent Threads" button myself but I see something similar after going back a couple of pages - they're all the threads that tomiseksj has been cleaning up and putting into their correct directory trees, I think. Feb 7, 2016 8:47:24 GMT
Ryan: I guess the date stamp doesn't get updated when a message / thread is moved to a new location. If I go back another page, I get back into the accurate date stamps for those threads. Feb 7, 2016 8:49:07 GMT
tomiseksj: - I haven't been able to duplicate your experience. While in recent posts, clicking on a thread title takes me to the first post of that thread; however, the back arrow returns me to the related post in the recent posts thread. Feb 7, 2016 13:21:53 GMT
tomiseksj: - when I have to create a thread into which posts are moved the menu will show the date the thread was created but the individual posts retain their original dates. Threads that are moved are not similarly affected. Feb 7, 2016 13:31:39 GMT
rod222: I get it now, Steve, not sure if I had a "senior moment", as I understand it, Proboards have 34 pages as "current", we are always on Page 1, "next" does not go forward, but backwards, as we say in Oz, all a bit irish. Feb 7, 2016 13:35:40 GMT
rod222: The latest posts are on page 1, if you go back a page, you are on page 2....................that messes with my head. :) Feb 7, 2016 13:37:51 GMT
tomiseksj: Try to think of it as going from "most" recent to "next most" recent to "next, next most" recent, etc. :) Feb 7, 2016 13:50:50 GMT
rod222: Right ! (embarassed silence) :) but I know where I tripped, in an open thread topic, the "PREV" works there. I was discombobulated. Feb 7, 2016 14:22:09 GMT
firstfrog2013: Lost an entire day of stamping assisting a friend with a couple floor installs. Hope today is more productive in those regards. Feb 7, 2016 14:22:30 GMT
rod222: You helped a friend, and a nice injection of self esteem....... I think you are in front :) Feb 7, 2016 14:23:52 GMT
philatelia: Ah but the stamp karma spirits will reward you for your kindness - just wait and see - it always balances out! Feb 7, 2016 15:55:46 GMT
Admin: I feel like a rockstar when I walk Kirby, everyone wants to meet him, I have had cops pull over and come over to see him, off they went in there navy blue uniforms covered in white hair and sleves covered in drool or as we say Kirby Glue. Feb 7, 2016 17:16:08 GMT
Admin: The forums been busy with posts, I checked in last night and when I got up 3 pages of new posts, will need a full pot of coffee to read them all. Feb 7, 2016 17:18:12 GMT
firstfrog2013: A wealth of collecting shares are nice to see when we come here.Kudos to all. Feb 7, 2016 17:59:29 GMT
rod222: Expecting 108 degrees F today, in town. I'll be hiding in the fridge. Feb 8, 2016 22:20:43 GMT
firstfrog2013: It finally snowed, well sort of, we got an inch of powder last night. Guess schools thought we got more cause they were on two hour delay today. Feb 9, 2016 17:11:16 GMT