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firstfrog2013: just back from P.O. ZuZU and another member have package headed to them Jul 22, 2014 16:30:07 GMT
firstfrog2013: Happy belated birthday Bud and thanks for you support in my little trial of life. Jul 22, 2014 18:17:22 GMT
Zuzu: Sorry all, been on vacay and out of commission for several days! Jul 25, 2014 16:44:14 GMT
firstfrog2013: we listed you as MIA Jul 25, 2014 16:58:51 GMT
Zuzu: Went to Red Rocks for Soundgarden & NIN, then taking care of misc. stuff around the house and planning a "small" outing for the younger daughter's Girl Scout troop. (HERDING CATS, I TELL YOU!) Jul 25, 2014 17:01:27 GMT
firstfrog2013: Kirby is bred to herd,maybe Jack will rent him out?? Jul 25, 2014 17:10:14 GMT
firstfrog2013: Jack misplaced your address. Jul 26, 2014 1:48:19 GMT
Admin: I will send it to you in the AM Jul 26, 2014 3:07:02 GMT
tomiseksj: I was just informed that TSF received Vermeil in the 2014 APS Affiliate and Chapter Web Award program...thanks to all whose contributions helped achieve such a significant milestone in our first year!!! Jul 26, 2014 14:47:19 GMT
tomiseksj: We'll be receiving the judges detailed critique sheet and a badge that can be displayed on the site. The feedback will help us strive for Gold in the 2015 competition. See the results in the APS section. Jul 26, 2014 14:48:56 GMT
Philatarium: Wow! Jul 26, 2014 14:57:39 GMT
firstfrog2013: can you explain what Vermeil is? what is it we need to do for gold?/ Jul 26, 2014 15:11:57 GMT
tomiseksj: Vermeil is the second highest level of award (Gold, Vermeil, Silver, Silver-Bronze and Bronze). I won't know our weaknesses until I receive the Judges' critique. I'll share them as soon as they are in hand. Jul 26, 2014 15:15:41 GMT
tomiseksj: The awards and recipient sites are listed at Jul 26, 2014 15:24:07 GMT
firstfrog2013: Wonder who decided to use that color.Most strange choice. Jul 26, 2014 16:07:10 GMT
tomiseksj: I assume that, because vermeil is a combination of gold, silver and other precious metals, it was logical to use it as the level between gold and silver. Jul 26, 2014 16:57:48 GMT
Admin: :) :) :) :) :) :) Jul 26, 2014 17:38:00 GMT
Admin: Gold next year folks Jul 26, 2014 17:39:13 GMT
firstfrog2013: Jack still need your address P.O.says they need more than Kirby's dad Jul 27, 2014 2:48:42 GMT
firstfrog2013: Just posted auction lot please take time to consider. Jul 28, 2014 17:17:39 GMT