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firstfrog2013: Or maybe a new Telecaster?I still need to pay off the wife's ride first.My repair bill was $700 for the snow beast and cost to get equipment ready runs about $2000 with fuel. Feb 21, 2018 11:53:30 GMT
Beryllium Guy: Yes, I forgot about your musical instrument collection! Sounds like you have some choices to make.... Maybe more of those Nova Scotia pence issues? Feb 21, 2018 15:21:29 GMT
Jerry B: If I didn't play classical guitar, I would prefer the Telecaster ::) Feb 21, 2018 22:32:02 GMT *
Jerry B: Hi Steve. We have a Google Search for TSF, is a Google Translate button a hassle. If so, forget I asked. I thought not only for cosmo's responses, but for future uses. Feb 21, 2018 22:39:36 GMT
firstfrog2013: Jerry one day one may appear at your house, stranger things happened before. Feb 21, 2018 22:55:13 GMT
tomiseksj: Hi Jerry. The short answer is yes. Members using Chrome can simply highlight the text to be translated, right click and then select "Google Translate" from the window that appears. Feb 22, 2018 12:40:32 GMT
Jerry B: Hi frog. I am starting back with the guitar. I am starting with my Carcassi book and practicing scales.Instead of the stratocaster, I can give you the address of a guitar store in Atlanta that sells high-end acoustic guitars, only $1000 and up. Feb 22, 2018 13:58:17 GMT
Jerry B: Hi Steve. I tried it but it doesn't work. It may be that I have an old version of Chrome that goes along with my XP dinosaur. Feb 22, 2018 14:01:49 GMT
tomiseksj: Okay, Jerry. The google translate button is on the navigation bar. Please let me know if it works for you. Feb 22, 2018 16:19:07 GMT
firstfrog2013: jerry I'm still content with my Ovation for acoustic work.I travel with that, a Fender(usually a strat)and a Gibson(mostly my studio)I leave high end stuff at home to avoid drunk damage on stage. (not me audience)It happens! Feb 22, 2018 16:51:00 GMT
Ryan: A boatload of Ovations here: Feb 22, 2018 17:19:12 GMT
firstfrog2013: Ryan that's a funny one to watch.You seem to find some really odd stuff at times.I just spent some time learning about the boxer motor.I knew I liked them but didn't know the history I like them more now. Feb 22, 2018 19:26:09 GMT
Jerry B: Hi frog: This is the store I was referring to: In the past I bought sheet music from them. About the only store that carries classical sheet music. Feb 22, 2018 21:15:44 GMT *
Jerry B: Ryan. I agree with frog. How did you ever find that. Somewheres I have a video of two guitarists playing a piece on one guitar. One performs the fingering and the other plucking. I'll have to find it. Feb 22, 2018 21:21:02 GMT
Ryan: I'm a big Robert Fripp fan so when you mentioned Ovation acoustics his Guitar Craft stuff immediately came to mind. There have now been over 3000 students in the Guitar Craft courses and the tentacles are spread far and wide. Feb 22, 2018 21:44:22 GMT
Ryan: Europe-based: & California-based: (they've given up on the normal Ovations, though - check out the funky fanned frets for the middle guy) Feb 22, 2018 21:47:11 GMT
firstfrog2013: jerry I see a PRS custom 24 there at reasonable price,it's on my bucket list. Feb 22, 2018 21:47:48 GMT
Ryan: The 2nd-worst cello playing on record ever had two guys playing the thing at once - Bill Wyman worked the fretboard and Keith Richards scraped and sawed with the bow. Feb 22, 2018 22:03:50 GMT
Ryan: The worst ever is any song by The Nice where Lee Jackson tried to play his bass guitar like a cello - worse yet, sometimes he sang at the same time. Yow!! Feb 22, 2018 22:08:45 GMT
firstfrog2013: apparently you never heard my attempts at vocals I did and stopped trying. (rofl) Feb 22, 2018 22:48:18 GMT